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Chief Motion Maker

About Us

We have a combined experience of over 40 years for delivering exclusive creative marketing to our clients locally, nationally and internationally. Our team of creative, video production, design, marketing, web, social media and interactive professionals provide a comprehensive selection of top tier strategies and solutions for businesses looking to compete in a growing marketplace. We do not chase after every lead. We align ourselves with clients who want a strategic partnership that will develop a successful brand strategy and create an engaging consumer experience. We believe in relationships and working together as a team.


Chief Idea Creator

Barbara Fowler

Barbara is quite a seasoned professional and influencer with over 25 years of proven management and leadership experience and knows what it takes to run a successful business. (Remember, she’s sassy and “seasoned” but not “old” by any means!)


Barbara has developed strategic plans to advance a company’s vision and objective to promote revenue, profitability and growth. She wants her clients to succeed and make money. Barbara will oversee company operations to insure efficient production, quality, service and cost-effective management of all resources. She’s always got your back and you can count on her! She’s a woman of integrity!


Barbara is dedicated to collaborate, create and maintain strong relationships. To know her is to love her and know how important strong relationships are to her! She will be involved with day-to-day management of client campaigns, so she will always be available for whatever is needed. If you’ve met her, you know she has a fun and flirty personality, along with great interpersonal skills to approach new opportunities with a clear vision and perspective.


A little known fact you may not know about Barbara is that she loves to sing and act. She has been in numerous plays and musicals throughout her life, been a soloist with the Alabama Symphony, and traveled in Florida and sang with a group called “Love Explosion.” Barbara also sang at Disney World while she was in college. Ask her sometime the names of the famous singers she’s worked with. But, you will have to be “seasoned” to know them!

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a graduate of Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama and is a people-oriented professional with over 15 years’ experience in all facets of running a business.  Jeff is a fun and witty guy who never meets a stranger.


He is very organized and has an uncanny ability to analyze any situation and develop strategic, creative ideas to enhance efficiency and profitability with client projects. His extensive experience in cookbook publishing and product placement has allowed him to capture a niche market for multiple industries. In other words, he is very creative in turning projects into profit and success for his clients. 


Jeff is dedicated to facilitating corporate direction, goals and strategic objectives while maintaining the highest form of integrity. You can count on Jeff to mean what he says. His word stands for something! He has an executive demeanor with interpersonal skills, and also knows how to have fun, resulting in effective interactions with executives, sales staff, customers and vendors. There’s a reason why we call him “Mr. Awesome!”


A little known fact you may not know about Jeff is that he loves mountain biking, but not too crazy of a trail. Give him a good trail with rolling hills, his Trek bike and he is in heaven.

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