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I had the pleasure of working with Jeff for almost 4 years while at a boutique agency in Birmingham. Jeff is the type of person that every team should have, but seldom does. He is extraordinarily personable, detail-oriented, motivated, creative, and bright–qualities that allow him to tackle any project successfully and brilliantly. But Jeff is more than the sum of his strengths and experiences–he is an absolute fantastic human being and a joy to work with. I cannot count the number of times that his clever and wry demeanor turned a difficult project into a manageable (and often funny) endeavor. There was never a day that Jeff was not easy to be around or that I was not grateful for the expertise, professionalism, honesty, and comic relief Jeff effortlessly brought to the team. If pressed to level any criticisms at Jeff, I would not be entirely honest if I did not mention that his car is perhaps too immaculately clean for a human being. I'm not saying he is an alien...but it could be something HR should look into when checking his citizenship status.

Joel Wheat, Senior Art Director at FCB, Chicago, IL

Barbara Fowler is a marketing genius! I've used Barbara for 3 companies. She has a God-given talent to simplify the complex, craft a targeted message and deliver it through every possible resource that makes the most sense for YOUR business. RESULTS HAPPEN!  

John Cotton, CEO, Dental Team Performance, Birmingham, AL

Barbara does a great job taking care of her clients. Very responsive, goes the extra mile and delivers. Very professional!

Jimmy Warren, Owner, TotalCom Marketing, Tuscaloosa, AL

“We just completed a video project with Fowler Davis and were very pleased. Barbara and Jeff were personal and professional! The new video gives viewers the opportunity to see why so many are choosing to call The Waters community home. The video will help us to share our “Pike Road Paradise” with the entire world. I highly recommend their services. JOB WELL DONE!”

Jennifer Atkins, VP, Marketing & Operations, New Waters Realty, Montgomery, AL

“I recently had the great pleasure of working with Barbara Fowler in creating a whiteboard animation video for us. Barbara was delightful to work with. She enjoyed, even delighted, in collaborating with me (the client), in creating the finished product. I was very fussy, if not demanding in some regards, and Barbara was very professional, personable, proficient and provided me with a very high-quality video. It is my pleasure to give Fowler Davis my unqualified recommendation to anyone with marketing or advertising needs.”    

Dr. Ray Shackelford, Senior Pastor, GraceLife Ministries, Trafford, AL

“Barbara is a very detailed person who enjoys what she does. Barbara is skilled in full-service advertising and marketing; TV, & Video Production; and Interactive Web Site Design and Development. She is fully capable of producing TV commercial, infomercials, corporate presentations--marketing, medical, human resources orientation and training videos, any type of web videos, web site design and development, and graphic design and collateral. I have full confidence in her skills and abilities to do whatever the task she is confronted with. Barbara Fowler has my full recommendation.”

        Jehjeh Pruitt, Reporter, WBRC Fox 6

“Barbara Fowler is a woman of integrity, a top business professional and a visionary. I would recommend her to manage any level of a project from copywriting to producing. She is seasoned and resourceful. An Advertiser, Film Maker or Corporate Executive 's dream and now she is a part of a dream team.”

Edie Hand, Author/Speaker/Chairman of the Board, Hand ‘N Hand Entertainment; Edie Hand Foundation

I have known and worked with Barbara for over 20 years. Throughout the entire relationship, a couple of things were consistent, her integrity and professionalism!  I always knew that Barbara had the client's back and was honest with them. Her commitment to excellence in every situation always showed me that she put others first, ahead of her own needs, which speaks volumes about her character.  With her professional ability and years of experience, and her natural obligation to bring the best for her customers, I would recommend her for any project! 

   Jeff Tyson / JT, On Air Personality, iHeartMedia

"I've had the pleasure of working with Barbara Fowler on multiple projects while Marketing Director at WVTM 13, Birmingham. From helping to conceive high concept campaigns to the tiniest production details Barbara's professionalism and expertise insures a quality finished product.  Just as important is her ability to make all of these things happen by putting her clients first with prompt and open communications and always a smile on her face and in her voice."

 Cil Frazier, Marketing Director, WVTM 13

Barbara is an innovative entrepreneur whose astute business forte' is founded upon her love for community, a heart for helping people, and an active recognition of the need for change. Barbara has a talent for finding a unique niche' and developing resources to meet the need. Her business acumen is purposeful, principled, filled with integrity, and centered upon trustworthiness. Fowler's love for her beloved City of Birmingham, and the ethical business operations of Fowler Davis, are all tenets and testimony to the strength of her character. Not only does Barbara have innovative ideas, she takes necessary actions to bring those conceptions to the point of fruition, and its resulting bountiful harvest, hence the birth of Fowler Davis, LLC.     

Valton Johnson, President, The Johnson Management Group, LLC 

 I have been blessed to work for Barbara over the past several years as a Makeup Artist and Stylist for many commercial and industrial projects she has produced. Barbara is a pleasure to work with. Her talent and creativity is limitless. If I had to pick just one of the things I appreciate most her about her it is that she always strives for the best with a 360-degree view. She takes everything into consideration and treats those who she hires as true professionals, she works collaboratively and trusts them to do the job she has hired them for. I'm excited to be a part of her new journey with Fowler Davis and know that anyone who chooses to partner with them will be pleased beyond measure. 

Linda Thacker, Makeup Artist/Stylist, Thacker Productions

“Barbara is one of the most positive and upbeat individuals I've ever met. Her attention to the details of the project along with her follow-through is a key reason I continue to work with her. She is top notch and a dynamic leader!”

   Russell Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at Alabama Firefighters Museum and Education Center

 “I cannot think of a more delightful person to work with that Barbara! I've had the pleasure to collaborate with her on several projects over the years and found her to be not only be extremely knowledgeable, but also helpful, friendly, easy going, and possessing a great sense of humor. She is one of the best, no doubt about it!”

 Jeff McKee, Audio & Lighting Specialist

“Barbara is one of those people who exhibits a positive, upbeat, can-do attitude no matter what the situation. I love presenting a situation to her and listening to how her mind works on finding affordable, effective solutions. Working with Barbara is what the word "team" is all about. She neither demands nor acquiesces. She works "with" you until the task is done, laid to rest, or creatively evolved toward a more viable direction.”

   Lana Thompson, PHR, Owner, CEO at Thompson & Associates

“I worked with Barbara for several years. Barbara is very detail-oriented, creative, and gives the utmost attention to any task before her. She has been instrumental in many areas of political campaigns, marketing, fundraising, and support to her peers. All of which requires her to be a trustworthy, people-person. She is a pleasure to work with and very passionate about her work. I am glad to still be acquainted with Barbara and appreciate the friendship we have built over the years.”

Rhonda Lewis, Practice Area Analyst at Burr & Forman LLP

“Barbara is a delight to work with both on and off the camera. She understands that business is about relationships. Not only is she dedicated to her clients, she helps them select the right person to reflect their vision through the commercials and projects she embarks upon. I always enjoying working with Barbara and the clients she serves.”

   Dallas Teague Snyder, Host, Everyday Heroes

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