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Whiteboard Animation at Your Fingertips

Video has quickly become one of the most consumed forms of media and it continues to grow every day. According to YouTube, they now have over 1 Billion users that watch over 4 Billion videos per day. The average user spends an incredible 40 minutes per day watching these videos and is responsible for 4.28 Billion Dollars in ad revenue …. just in 2015 alone. With that many users, and that many videos being watched every day, it’s important for you to be heard through all the noise and stand out from your competition.

A whiteboard video or TV commercial is one of the quickest ways to convert prospects into leads and customers; get more sales and phone calls; simplify complicated procedures easily; explain how your service or product works in seconds; make your business immune to your competition and engage your target audience with the power of creative and visual storytelling!

People love to be entertained. Adding something a little different to your video, whether it’s humor, a surprise, or something downright wacky, can go a long way. It gets people smiling and helps them connect with your brand in a way that your web site can’t.

Let Fowler Davis create an amazing whiteboard video or TV spot for your company or organization. We work with people who want something unique, engaging, creative, interactive and inspiring. Whether you want a 30-second TV commercial or a 10-minute video, we can handle it! We have become experts in the whiteboard process and can produce it at a much lower cost than you would think!

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