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Video Marketing - Importance of a Mobile Strategy

In today’s world of gotta have information now and quick, consumers automatically reach for their phones. They want the correct answer, right away. This is a huge opportunity for brands in these moments. Mobile viewers are very likely to watch and share ads and branded videos.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with quick-moments of information throughout the day while searching interests, answering questions, shopping online and making decisions. These quick-moments are the new frontline for the battle for hearts, minds and wallets.

Creating the Perfect Strategy

Do you know the answers to these questions before you post your mobile video?

Who is is watching and sharing your mobile video?

What types of video content do they like to watch and share?

Which platforms are they using to find, watch and share your mobile videos?

At what point should you promote mobile video with paid media?

How should you measure your mobile video marketing campaign?

Anyone can make a video and post it online, but only one with a complete strategy and creative flair can stand out and be worthy enough to sustain longevity in the mobile video world. The small screen has a mighty impact and to millennials, the mobile screen isn’t the second or third screen. It’s the first. Don’t be left behind.

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